Social Media for those who don’t know how

It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends, platforms and tools. You tell us the message - we’ll make sure people know it.
Choose your package. No long contracts!

The social media agency that helps small businesses get seen.

Posts that get people talking

No one likes being sold to. But they love talking. That’s why we focus on creating posts that get people out of their seats and sharing.

Unique to you and the platform

No copy-and-paste templates here. Our onboarding captures your voice and shares it with the world. It’s like we’ve cloned you.

Reports focusing on the bigger picture

Social media isn’t all about likes and comments. It’s part of a wider funnel to convert customers. Our monthly reports show this.

Cancel anytime. No hassle.

As ex-business owners, we know how tough it can get at times. That’s why you can cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.

Social Media Packages


2 Platforms
3 posts per week
Revisions included
Editable Calendar


2 Platforms
5 posts per week
Revisions included
Editable Calendar


2 Platforms
7 posts per week
Revisions included
Editable Calendar


Extra platforms - +£100/month per platform


Pay 3 months upfront - save 5%

Pay 6 months upfront - save 7%

We help with these social media platforms

How we'll work together

1. Choose the best package for you

2. Tell us everything about you and your business

3. We’ll deliver an awesome social media strategy

4. You approve the first month’s of content

5. We plough on and execute the strategy

6. You relax and watch your monthly reports in your own time

Social media is 167% cheaper than a TV ad. But so many business owners don’t make the most of this.

We get it - social media is a minefield. You work your butt off to lose to some little silly meme that has trumped your posts and you’re clueless why. 

Most small businesses who face this have two options: 
1. Give up and declare social media doesn’t work. 
2. Spend every hour of your waking day trying to understand the matrix.

We built Hatch + Vox to help independent businesses like yours. 

We handle all your social media so you can’t get back to growing your business. In the past, we’ve helped small businesses 10x their leads in just 60 days. 

We’d love to do the same for you. 

Hannah Dodwell 
- Co-founder of Hatch + Vox. 

Steal the spotlight!

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Frequently asked questions

I’ve got leads coming out of my ears - do I need social media?
Yes! Social media is the lead generator that works in the background. Combine it with SEO, an easy to use website, and amazing blog writing, you’ll smash it out of the park!
Can’t my nephew just manage it for me?
Sure. But consuming social media is very different from managing it for a business. It’s like letting Lewis Hamilton repair your car - he’s very good at driving them, but can he repair them better than a mechanic?
Social media doesn’t work. I tried on my own once!
Okay, this isn’t a question, but it’s a gripe of ours. Social media is not a one time thing and certainly isn’t something you can wing. Our strategies are crafted from success and learnings from losses.
Do you offer a guarantee?
No. 99.9% of guarantees hold no meaning. They either offer vanity metrics or lead generation with no promise on quality. The only thing we guarantee is open, honest communication to get the job done.
Do I have to provide any content?
The more resources you provide, the better. From logos, professionally taken photos, to favourite blog posts and terminology, we can absorb all that into a consistent strategy. Our on-boarding covers all this.
We're the all-in-one marketing agency for independent businesses.
Marketing for small businesses
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