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Why your small business needs SEO

ROI from monthly SEO retainer

Get better leads that cost less than paid ads

In this for long-haul? 

SEO produces more revenue at a cheaper cost, making it the perfect customer acquisition channel for sustainable growth.
build trust through SEO

Be seen as the ONLY business customers can trust

Dominate every part of the funnel, from the *what is* queries to the *near me* searches. 

Be known as the industry leader and the only brand they can think of when they need your product.
seo report

Know exactly what’s working (and what’s not)

With detailed, accurate data tracking and analytics, you can see if your investment is giving you a healthy return or being thrown down the drain.

Why choose Hatch and Vox as your SEO agency?

With us, you do very little, yet know exactly what’s going on, whilst watching your revenue grow.

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A lean team of expert strategists = a higher % of your investment goes on deliverables
Consistent email updates with a monthly meeting with your strategist
Sends you a monthly video report that breaks down complex data
Easy to scale with separate budgets for content and backlinks
Leave when you need to with a one month notice period
One monthly payment with no unexpected cost
Gets work done faster thanks to processes, workflows and SOPs
Obsesses over getting you the best and quickest ROI for your business

Typical SEO Agency

Higher % of your retainer going to salaries, not deliverables
Replies to email when they have to and will meet only when requested or trying to upsell you something
Sends you 59 paged PDF with no context
Will scale the overall package and deliverables even if you only need one area
Get tied into a 6-12 months contract
Charges setup fee for first month
Feels like you’re starting again every 6 months thanks to high staff turnover
Gets sidetracked by shiny impressions and rankings

In-House SEO

Salaries are your biggest expense
Live Slack channel and can get them in a meeting at a minute’s notice
Gets you in a meeting room for an 1 hour every month to discuss metrics you don’t care about
Restart the hiring process every time you need to hire
Give 3 months notice and pay for redundancy
Manage salaries, benefits, SEO tools and software all separately
Gets held up by internal roadblocks
Makes you more money, but takes longer to get there

How we get you a ROI from SEO

We see SEO as a long-term project – not an never ending monthly retainer that you must pay.


Our job is to get you more revenue by getting your to #1 and keeping you there.


But, just because it’s long-term, doesn’t mean we should take our time.


We use “sprints” to get jobs done faster. 


Instead of writing 2x blog post per month, we’ll get 6x done in one. Sprints usually end up with more deliverables – like an extra 1 or 2 blog post thanks to our processes. 


Here’s what a typical retainer looks like with us:

  • Month 1: Ultimate SEO Audit + Strategy

    We tear your website apart like a mechanic dissembles an engine, scrutinise your historic performance, and compare you side by side with your competitors.

    Then, we tell you exactly how we’re going to take you from where you are now to the top spot of your money-making keywords.

  • Month 2-4: Sprints

    Whether we do 1x massive sprint across the 3 months or 1x short one depends on our findings.

    These months are about getting quick wins and gaining traction through technical SEO, content, and links.

  • Month 5: Review, Tidy Up, Repeat

    A quick pit-spot to check that we’re on the right track.

    We look back and see what’s working, adjust what is not and repeat the sprints again.

  • Month 6-11: Sprints

    Exactly as before, we super-focus and deliver what’s needed to push you higher up the SERP.

  • Month 12: Time for the next phase

    A lot changes over 12 months – not just for your business, but for the search engine too.

    We take everything we know about your business, what’s working, and where you want to go, to create a new strategy that will get you there.

    Whether it’s “more of the same” or a new product range, or even a new country – we’ll make sure SEO plays it part.

What to expect in SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Our SEO strategies are delivered as a video with accompanying Action Document and supporting raw data.

These strategies cover every aspect of SEO. Here’s what to expect:


Data Benchmarking

Be clear on where you are now for a clearer and more accurate ROI.


Keyword & Competitor Research

Know exactly what your customers are searching and how they’re finding your competitors through organic search.


Content Writing & Creation

Fix the content gap that’s handing your customers over to your competitors on a plate.

On-Page Optimisation

Brutal honesty on what pages aren’t up to standard and how to fix them


Technical SEO

Triple checking that Google can read and understand your website so your investment is actually worth it.



How we’re going to build trust and authority with Google by getting other websites to link to us.


Local SEO

Making sure Google knows where your business is located (and you’re the best) with help from your existing happy customers.

What to expect in a typical month

Your month may not exactly replicate this depending on your deliverables. But, structure is usually the same:

  • First two weeks = Getting work done
  • Last two weeks = Getting work live

It’s a process that keeps your SEO growth on track by making sure actions actually get done.

Bakery with online bakery store

SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Every business is different and the same applies to their SEO. There’s no use promising you 2 blog posts per month if what you really need is your old blog posts rewritten or simply more backlinks.

And let’s be clear:

We won’t really know with 100% confidence exactly what you need until after the 1st month (when we do our Ultimate Audit).

Our discovery call and proposal will take a good estimate at what’s needed based on third-party data and our own years of experience. 

If you prefer to have absolute knowledge in what you need to do, pay for the Ultimate SEO Audit separately before signing a retainer. Be aware: you’ll end up spending more.

To help you understand what a typical plan looks like, we’ve made some examples to show what 3 different clients could have at the same budget.

£1200 per month

Client 1

Example: Local cleaning service with a Next.JS website and wants to expand into other regions

  • 5x new blog articles each month
  • £250 budget on backlinks
  • Technical recommendations sent to a developer

Client 2

Example: IT consultants with a new website and hardly any blog posts

  • 2x new article per month
  • £500 budget on backlinks
  • Minor technical work to give you the edge


Client 3

Example: eCommerce business with lots of blog posts already written

  • 1x new article per month
  • 1x old blog post refreshed/rewritten
  • 1x category page created/optimised
  • £500 budget on backlinks

How we determine pricing

We split your budget into 4:

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Technical & Analysis
  • Account Management

Your required investment boils down to:

  • How far behind your competitors you are
  • How fast you want to outgrow them
  • How competitive your industry is

It’s frustrating, but the best time to invest in SEO was 5 years ago. The second best time is now.

P.S. These budgets are fluid (apart from backlinks), so if one area needs more attention, we’ll spend time there. Plus, it allows us to complete our sprints.

Technical + Analysis
Account Management

Monthly actions could include:

  • Creating and publishing blog posts
  • On-page optimisation
  • Writing copy for new landing pages
  • Writing guest posts for backlinks
  • Optimising meta titles and descriptions
  • Designing featured images and OG images for your blog posts

100% of your backlinks budget is spent on acquiring backlinks.

E.g. £250 budget = £250 spent.

We’ll use budget from account management to cover the time spent, but this is usually very minimal.

To determine how much you should be investing in backlinks, we consider:

  • Your industry (is it classed as YMYL?)
  • How far behind your backlink profile is compared to your competitors
  • What type of links are needed
  • Your openness to backlinks

For business owners who are skeptical of backlinks, we recommended investing £250 per month and increase once you’ve seen the impact they can have.

After the first two months with Hatch + Vox, technical SEO shouldn’t be holding you back.

From month 3+, your technical work is minor upkeep, such as:

  • Adding and managing redirects
  • Fixing 404 pages
  • Adding schema to important pages
  • Keeping an eye on cannibalisation
  • Understand why Google isn’t indexing some pages
  • Monitoring how Google is reading and understanding your site

Analysis is also interchangeable here. For example, if there’s a drop in traffic or rankings continuously fluctuate with no obvious reasoning, we’ll use this budget to spend time figuring it out.

This includes your monthly video and catchup meeting.

It’s time spent to make sure you’re in the know and feel confident with what’s going on with your SEO.

We don’t really set a budget for sending email updates. It comes natural and is part of the work we do. Unless you demand an update every single day, you don’t have to worry about this draining your investment.

Recent Client Success

SEO agency got 1st lead for small business within 24 hours

Automotive Hire Company

Our client wanted to promote their hire services.

They already had a dedicated landing page that captured the entire of mainland UK, but it wasn’t enough. They wanted to be the first of mind in every city.

We rolled out just 4 location-specific pages to start with.

They received their first lead within 24 hours!

As we created more location pages, our client is now receiving 15x more leads each month through organic search.

Bespoke Garden Structures

32% more leads in just 60 days for one of our clients.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Created supporting blog posts to boost topical authority
  • Battled cannibalisation of product pages
  • Added more eCommerce signals
SEO agency achieved 32% more leads for small business

It’s your turn now.

Spend 30 minutes with one of our SEO strategist to figure out the best way to get more revenue through your website.

Choose a time that best suits you

Meet the Team

seo expert

Joshua Allerton

Joshua coded his first website when he was 12 years old and fell into content writing after forgetting about his English homework.

After spending time as a generalist marketer, he set his heart on SEO and never looked back. 

hannah dodwell

Hannah Dodwell

From social media to graphic design, Hannah has helped hospitality and retail businesses grow their online presence.

After launching a vegan confectionary with Joshua, she now leads on content for the SEO agency and supports with in-house marketing.


We sell deliverables, not hours. Charging you per hour will punish you if things take longer than expected, we’re forced to rush, or an emergency occurs.

Instead of hours, ask what deliverables you need.

Our Ultimate SEO Audit tells you that, but a quick discovery call will give you a good idea.

We can’t predict the future, but go for an SEO company who not only gets you excited about SEO, but is transparent from day 1.

Spend time with the account manager/strategist/specialist who you’ll be dealing with on a day to day basis to make sure the energy is right.
It’s one of the main reasons we host our discovery calls.

Absolutely. If they didn’t, our agency wouldn’t exist.

SEO is more than just brand awareness and vanity metrics. They capture people when they’re ready to buy, with their credit card in their hand. Some products and services need more nurturing, maybe with the help of other channels, but SEO ends up being the vital piece of the puzzle.

For long term, sustainable growth, SEO is better than Google Ads.
But, you shouldn’t erase PPC from your marketing strategy. As we discuss in SEO vs Google Ads, you should use PPC when:

– You need results right now
– Your gross profit can absorb slightly higher acquisitions costs
– You have email marketing in place to encourage repeat purchase

We even advise small businesses to invest in Google Ads for 3-6 months whilst SEO is gaining traction.

Payment is made in advance, every month, by Direct Debit.

Discount given when paying 3-12 months in advance.

Reporting is done monthly and delivered as a video with a PDF.

The PDF is an info dump and you’re not required to read it. It’s there purely for documentation (useful when we want to check back 12 months or if you need to handover).

The video covers exactly what you need to know from the PDF. Here’s our usual structure:

1. What we’ve done this month
2. The results
3. Our plan for next month

The videos are around 10 minutes long, sometimes longer if we need to explain progress in more detail.


Your contract is monthly rolling.

However, our strategies are made for a 12 months period, so we advise all clients to have that time frame in mind.

We actively review the strategy to see if it’s going in the right direction – and you’ll be able to tell from our monthly video reports.

We don’t throw everything at the wall and see what sticks – especially when it comes to small businesses who can’t afford this.

Our audit and strategy are crafted to address issues specific to your website and business. We work through our actions starting with what will give the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.
In the strategy and your monthly video reports, we spend time explaining why you need certain actions and how that improves your SEO.

This comes from years of experience working with clients from all types of industries. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, whilst also spending time experimenting on our own test sites.

Every month expect:

– 1x monthly video report
– 1x catchup over Google Meet
– Regular email updates to keep you in the loop

We’re very proactive in our communication and want to you be in the know every step of the way.

We have a pool of link builders who got out and build our links for us. We have direct connections with some webmasters as well as a digital PR team who work solely on HARO requests.

All of our partners have been tested on our websites (including this one!) before being used for clients.

Your monthly report also details every backlink we’ve built for you, with the URL included.

We make no profit off your backlink budget. If your budget is £250, 100% of the the £250 will be spent on backlinks. Keeping these budget separate allows you to ramp up just backlinks if that’s what required.

SEO Deliverables for Small Businesses

We deliver all these SEO tasks in every package.

Note: in some cases, you may not need them as you already have them or they are not an issue.

Content + blog strategy
Internal linking strategy
Backlink building strategy
Pagination + canonical strategy
Monthly video report with PDF
Monthly catchup over Google Meet
Access to our analytics dashboard
Keyword tracking
Backlink monitoring
User behaviour analysis
Google Analytics setup + management
Google Tag Manager setup + management
Conversion tracking setup
Google Search Console setup + management
Microsoft Clarity setup
Sitemap creation and submission
Robots.txt optimisation
Fix broken internal links
Optimise Page Speed and Core Web Vitals
Enable HTTPs
Implement Schema
Optimise URL structure
Mobile-Friendly Optimisation
Keyword research + targeting
Content Gap analysis
Topic clusters + content silos
Fix Keyword Cannibalisation
User intent optimisation
Meta title + description optimisation
E-E-A-T optimisation
Create and update blog content
Optimise existing landing pages
Create new copy for landing pages
Structure and optimise heading tags (H1, H2 etc)
Google Business Places setup
Guest blogging
Online Directories & Listings
Niche edits building

Other SEO Services

google maps

Local SEO

seo audit

SEO Audits

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SEO Newsletter

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