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St John's College in Cambridge
Ellodave Creative Agency
“The detail you go into whilst still remaining “understandable”, and not too tech heavy, was great” – Louise Hall
The Grafton in Cambridge

SEO is your best friend at every step of the funnel.

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How many people are browsing?

How many couples are there just to get out for the day and have no intention of buying anything, apart from a giant coffee from Millie’s?

Our job is to get those people who are just browsing to convert. We start telling them about a problem they may not even be aware of (and your product solves). They’ll then go away, think about it, and may return next week.

We’ve got them interested. But, they’re not quite ready yet.

So, we tell them 9 different ways to solve their problems – and the pros and cons for each. They go away and think about it some more.

If they decide that your product is the best way to solve the product, there’s one more hurdle to overcome. Your competitors.

So, when they visit again next week, we point out who our product is really for and how it helps solve the problem better than our competitors (all whilst being honest).

Then they buy.

That’s exactly how your website works and how SEO helps them choose you as the solution to their problem.

Why choose Hatch + Vox as your SEO agency?

Tech talk that you understand.

Ever talked to a developer for more than 5 minutes and walked away thinking “what”?

We feel you. They’ve got their own language that’s sometimes difficult to translate.

That’s why when we talk tech, we use analogies and show you the impact it is having on your SEO and user experience.

And we get it fixed – either through our team or your own developers.


seo technical development
Keyword tracking dashboard in our SEO Analytics tool

Regular updates you can track.

Our monthly reports are recorded and sent to you along with a PDF. That way, you can look see the progress over our entire time together and see if we’re making progress or not.

Plus, you get access to our tracking and analytics dashboard to see real-time updates.


Strategies you understand.

Other agencies will tell you they don’t buy backlinks when they really do. They’ll engage in risky behaviour that could tank your website traffic without even consulting you.

We don’t hide anything. And we don’t do anything with your approval.

Backlinks are part of every package, and you’ll see the exact links we build. And, if there’s an opportunity to experiment, we’ll run down the risk and benefits with you before trying it. (This is AFTER we’ve rigorously tested on our own burner sites first).

SEO is crystal clear with us.


Business owner smiling and understanding the SEO strategy
seo expert agency leader

Cancel with only one month’s notice

Finding the right agency is hard. And whilst we’ll do everything to make sure we’re the right fit, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. That’s why you can cancel with a one month notice. 

What our clients think.

“We’ve spent this morning going through the audit and we just wanted to tell you how useful we’ve found it! The detail you go into whilst still remaining “understandable”, and not too tech heavy, was great and enabled us to share the audit with the wider team.

Everything was so well explained, and it was obvious that you had done your research into the business as well as consumer trends when analysing the reports.

We really enjoyed going through it all! We’re looking forward to our call and to get started with everything.”

Louise Hall – elloDave

Ellodave Creative Agency

SEO Services for Cambridge Businesses



2x Blog posts per month

£250 budget on backlinks


Everything in the Ultimate Audit!

Monthly video reports and online catch-ups


Great for businesses who are:

  • Tight on budget
  • Small in size
  • Eager to focus on one objective at a time
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4x Blog posts per month

£1000 budget on backlinks

Everything in the Ultimate Audit!

Monthly video reports and online catch-ups


Great for businesses who are:

  • Wanting to dominate another channel
  • Already seeing small results from SEO
  • Ready to capture another part of the funnel
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All Guns Blazing


10x Blog posts per month

£2000 budget on backlinks

Everything in the Ultimate Audit!

Monthly video reports and online catch-ups


Great for businesses who are:

  • Already seeing results from SEO
  • Wanting to grow SEO quickly
  • Excited to experiment
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Local business or prefer consultancy? We can help too. Contact us for more info.

How to get started with Hatch + Vox

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1. Purchase your package

book call

2. Book your onboarding call


3. Approve your SEO strategy


4. Sit back whilst we do all the work



What specific results can I expect from your SEO services?

Traffic and leads.

Our job is to get the right people to your website at the right time (when they are ready to buy). 

However, we are not conversion rate optimisation experts. Using our own user behaviour metrics and tools, we can offer suggestions on how to improve your conversion rate. In rare situations where we’re getting loads of traffic to the website, but they are not converting, we’ll recommend sourcing a CRO expert.


How will you track and measure the success of your SEO efforts?

There are three main metrics we track:

1. Rankings

2. Traffic from organic search

3. Conversions from organic search

Rankings get you in front of customers. Traffic gets them on to your website. We also monitor how organic search plays in the entire buying journey. For example, when working with PPC, we may find blog posts help convert a user.


What is the typical timeframe for seeing results from your SEO strategy? 

This is not set in stone but after 3 months, we should start seeing some improvement to signify our strategy is working. This may not be high rankings, but as boost in impressions. 

Our strategies are designed for 12 months and we expect you to be more than happy with the results achieved in that time period.


Will I have a dedicated point of contact at your agency for communication?

Absolutely! You’ll have a dedicated account manager – normally Joshua or Hannah – who’ll lead your SEO. At times, you may talk directly to other specialists if required.


How often will I receive updates on the progress of my SEO campaign?

Every month you’ll receive a video report with a PDF. We also catchup around the middle of the month to discuss new opportunities, remove roadblocks, and to ask questions.

Your account manager will also email you when certain tasks are complete – like changes to a page or technical fixes.


Do you offer any guarantees on reaching the top search rankings? 

No. Any agency who guarantees this is dealing in malicious black hat strategies that won’t last long.


What happens if I’m not satisfied with your SEO services? 

Always reach out to us with any concerns immediately. Even if it’s something small! We’re more than happy to explain areas you don’t understand and work with you to get it right.

As an agency, we’re really conscious on client’s ROI. In the past, we’ve recommended clients to pause or reduce their retainers until other major issues were fixed. We’re also not afraid to admit when things don’t go our way and will recommend you to a more suited expert for your business.

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