SEO Audits That Everyone Understands.

Get a complete understanding of what you need to do to take your SEO to the next level. Comes with everything you need to get to work.
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You have no idea what to do with your SEO.

Agencies in the past talked jargon and sometimes, you thought they were just making it up. 

But if you don’t get a clear understanding of your SEO, you’ll:

  • Hire another agency who will peddle you nonsense
  • Action the latest trend because some guy on X said so
  • Leave your hidden advantage on the table for the crows to snatch
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Be the SEO leader in your company.

Our audits aren’t top-line. They dig deep into your performance history, tear your content apart, and uncover your technical issues that all 5-minute audits miss.

With an SEO audit from Hatch + Vox, you’ll:

  • Start delegating tasks to relevant departments immediately 
  • Stop needing to translate for developers
  • Know exactly what steps to prioritise to get more conversions from your website

Expect this.

  • Absolute clarity on what’s holding you back, why it’s stopping your SEO from growing, and how to break down that barrier.
  • Deep analysis and evaluation in your current performance, content, technical, and backlink profile.
  • Recommendations specific to your websites – not generic copy and paste advice.
  • Comprehensive deck to keep everything in one place? No more getting lost finding that old email with 20 links to different sections. Share internally to stop Chinese Whispers.
  • Videos that take you through the audit and explain what, why, and how for each recommendation. Typically 2-4 hours long in total. Watch at your own pace with regular coffee breaks. Easily share with the team so everyone understands and is on board.
  • Downloadable PDF of the Deck and Videos to keep forever
  • Actions Document that tells what you need to do to improve your SEO, ordered by priority and area.
  • You’ll know exactly what to focus on and which team is responsible for it.
  • Access to all the raw data used in the analysis. Confidence that analysis is correct and up to date.

Audits you share with your wider team

“We’ve spent this morning going through the audit and we just wanted to tell you how useful we’ve found it! The detail you go into whilst still remaining “understandable”, and not too tech heavy, was great and enabled us to share the audit with the wider team.

Everything was so well explained, and it was obvious that you had done your research into the business as well as consumer trends when analysing the reports.

We really enjoyed going through it all! We’re looking forward to our call and to get started with everything.”

Louise Hall – elloDave

Ellodave Creative Agency
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Audits shouldn’t be free.

We’ve seen too many agencies offer free audits to build trust and then sign you on a monthly retainer. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to build your trust. We’ve heard almost every horror story before, so of course you want to take extra precautions when signing with a new agency.

But free (or even cheap) audits are weak. They’re auto-generated and highlight a tiny percentage of what’s really going on with your website. They don’t look at site architecture or even consider why previous pages performed and then suddenly didn’t.

We built the Ultimate SEO audit for two different types of businesses:

  1. Those who have developers and content teams ready and just need direction.
  2. Those who genuinely want to improve their SEO, but don’t know who to turn to.

Businesses who just need direction, this audit will give you everything you need to know for the cost of the average UK SEO agency retainer.

For those who need to build trust first, this audit is designed to give you everything you need to do the work yourself – or even give it to another agency.

We hope you don’t, but we’re confident our audits are that good that you’ll want to sign a retainer with us shortly after. If not, no hard feelings.



The Ultimate SEO Audit


  • Complete SEO Audit delivered by video
  • Access to the deck and raw data
  • Downloadable PDF and videos
  • 1 hour session to ask any questions
Get clarity now!

The Ultimate SEO Audit + Extras!


Get everyting included in the Ultimate Audit and:

+ Content Plan (up to 100 topics) for your team to start writing

+ Keyword Clusters to help you start tracking your performance

Give me everything I need

Monthly SEO retainer

from £

The Ultimate SEO Audit + Extras are included in your first month retainer with us.

Want to save money and get the ball rolling? Choose a SEO monthly package.

Save money with a retainer

Post-Audit Guarantee

If you get to the end of our 1 hour post-audit session still completely clueless on how to improve your SEO, we’ll refund 100% of the cost. No questions asked.


Payment Terms

Pay 100% upfront and get your SEO audit delivered in 30 days.

Prefer to split the payment across 3 months? Get it delivered 30 days after your final payment.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, we charge more than most freelancers and agencies online for our SEO Audits. And that’s why we go deeper than any £50 audit you’ll find. We give you a 12 month strategy on a plate, without any tie-ins, for the price of one month retainer.

We may charge more, but our value is so much better.

P.S. You get the Ultimate Audit (and more!) included in your monthly retainer and most likely, that’ll be cheaper than paying for this audit standalone.

We can help if you’re looking for one specific area – such as Links, Technical, or Content. However, we only recommend doing this is you know there’s a problem with that specific area. If you’re not sure what the issue is with your SEO, the Ultimate Audit will look at all areas to answer that.

If this is the very first existence of your website, you probably don’t need an audit. You’ll most likely need a strategy with a technical overview of the site.

If it’s a new website for a long-standing domain/business, we’ve got a tailored Rebuild Audit that focuses on site architecture to help with this. You’ll get a great price if you combine that audit with our SEO Migration service and sign a monthly retainer.

A massive drop in impressions, clicks, and leads following a new website normally signals a botched migration. Instead of wasting your time and money on this SEO Audit, get in touch and we’ll take a quick look to see if the issue is obvious.

If it’s not and terrible timing, the Ultimate SEO Audit may help uncover the real issue.

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