The SEO Agency Who Keeps You in the Loop.

We hear it all the time from our clients. Previous agencies and freelancers who sell well, but then disappear in the first month with little to show for it. We hate it as much as you. 

That’s why being on the ball with our communication is vital to our success. With monthly video reports and a catch-up meeting to discuss the ins-and-outs, you’re not left in the dark about your SEO.
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You’ve been burned by SEO experts in the past.

Or you’re too scared to get started with a marketing channel you don’t understand.

But whilst you’re standing still:

  • Your competitors are stealing your leads
  • Your customers still have no idea who you are
  • Some upcomer you’ve never heard of has just landed it’s first top 10 placement
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You need a professional SEO agency.

One who manages the strategy and work for you, but without failing to keep you in the loop. You need experts who you trust to deliver both the good and bad news.

When you realise SEO isn’t a con and you need a better agency, you’ll find:

  • Clarity of your current SEO performance 
  • Confidence in how you’re going to take the top spot and increase your conversions
  • Certainty that your new SEO agency is building with you, not away from you


How your SEO works with Hatch + Vox.

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 SEO Audit + Strategy

No matter the size of your retainer, you get our Ultimate SEO Audit included in month 1 (value £4999). 

This allows us to dig deep into your website, learn the ins and outs about you, and develop a strategy to get your results. 

You receive the audit in video format with access to all the raw data. 
Technical SEO


If Google can’t see, read, and understand your website properly, everything else is a waste of time. 

For a whole month, we focus on getting major technical errors fixed. 

Whether it’s readjusting how your organise your URLs or even as small as setting the correct heading tag, this sets the foundations for success later on. 
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 Content + Links 

From here on out, we focus on creating and improving content whilst building links to money pages and blog posts. 

We create content that not only tells Google you know what you’re talking about, but helps your users navigate your industry. 

We find links that help get your site discovered quicker and show you are a trusted source of information. 

Who is Hatch + Vox?

Hannah and I started this agency to get people excited about SEO. From the numerous Loom videos and face-to-face audits we’ve delivered, we found everyone walked away more interested and educated about SEO than they ever have before. 

Hatch + Vox wants to amplify that feeling across every partnership we create.

Before this agency, we ran a vegan sweet shop where we found, once again, communication was poor in every area. This frustration turned into a must-have for this agency.


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SEO Pricing.

These packages are examples. We work with clients who have an internal content team or need more support with development work. Both affects pricing and output - let’s chat more to get a solid quote.



1x Blog Post per month

£250 budget on backlinks


Great for businesses who are:

  • Tight on budget
  • Small in size
  • Eager to focus on one objective at a time



2x Blog Post per month

£500 budget on backlinks


Great for businesses who are:

  • Wanting to dominate another channel
  • Already seeing small results from SEO
  • Ready to capture another part of the funnel

All Guns Blazing


4x Blog Post per month

£1000 budget on backlinks


Great for businesses who are:

  • Already seeing results from SEO
  • Wanting to grow SEO quickly
  • Excited to experiment

All packages include:

  • Keyword research
  • SERP and Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Web Copy
  • Blog content campaigns
  • Regular technical SEO
  • Monthly catch-ups
  • Loom videos for when you're busy

Frequently Asked Questions.

There are only two reasons why SEO is not for you: 1. No one searches for your product or service 2.Your product or service is too niche If you’re unsure, we’re happy to take a look and let you know.

It does. Whilst there’s no way of telling how long it will take, we always strategise for 12 months at a time. Results do not happen overnight, but they can happen quicker than you think.

This depends on how your current website is made. Changes will certainly need to be made, but they often don’t require a complete redesign. No matter what, our suggestions are always to help your SEO goals.

No - run from any SEO agency that does. They’re either lying or promising to rank you for a keyword that means nothing to your business. We only guarantee honesty and transparency.

Get A Proposal To Watch In 
Your Own Time

You’re busy, so we’re not going to book a call until you’re ready to talk more.

That’s why we send a deck with a personalised video from us.

You watch it when you’re ready and decide if you want to book a call.

Easy to ignore, but harder to forget.

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We're the SEO agency you're excited to hear from. We manage the strategy and work without failing to keep you in the loop.

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