Tired of talking to your SEO agency and not knowing what they’re on about?

Give me 15 minutes each week and I’ll cut through the nonsense for you with my SEO newsletter.

Rewards for the first 100 subscribers!

It’s a Friday afternoon and they’re running you through the report which you couldn’t be bothered to open in the first place. They’re speaking in tongues using terms like crawl budget and domain authority. 


“We’re going to optimise the meta descriptions this month.”


What does that even mean? 


You couldn’t care less. 


All you give two hoots about are:

  • What’s our current performance? I mean, real performance metrics like leads and rankings
  • How are we going to improve it?

But you don’t have time to sit around and learn SEO, the latest developments and the recent no-nos. That’s what you pay your agency to do. So, you just nod along in ignorant bliss whilst you wish about being stuck in rush-hour traffic listening to your favourite song.




This is a waste of your time, your agency’s time, and – more importantly – a waste of your hard-earned finances.


This refusal to question and accept the status quo is the very reason your SEO performance is bang-average.

seo expert agency leader

It’s time to change

I’m Joshua Allerton – I run an SEO agency where everyone understands what’s going on. Including Barbara in finance.


And I’ve lost the world to live with other SEO agencies who bore clients to death.


When was the last time you were excited about SEO?


When was the last time you left a meeting knowing exactly what’s going on with your SEO?

Please don’t say the sales meeting with your current agency. If so, I send my regards.


Because that’s what I’m changing with my agency AND this newsletter.


Every email you receive from me should have you walking away with:

  • A deeper understanding of SEO that you can bring to your team and other senior managers
  • The ability to converse with your SEO agency (or internal team) in their language AND start to call out the bull instead of just nodding your head
  • The confidence to give your opinion at networking events, or even just at the pub with other business owners, about SEO as a marketing channel


If one of my emails doesn’t give you the above, I demand you unsubscribe. And I ain’t going to hide the unsubscribe link in white and then send you on a 7 question survey with a confirmation button that you don’t know if it means what it means.


It’s going to be big, black, and under my name.


And I’ll be tracking each and every unsubscribe so I know how to make these emails the best ever.


‘Cause to be completely honest, I don’t read 99.99% of the newsletters in my inbox. Most of them I signed up for when I was 12 years old, others I can’t remember even pressing subscribe.


In fact, I was hesitant about starting a newsletter knowing how little I read them myself. But, I knew it was the ONLY way for free I can help business owners like you with this confusion.

It’s like having an SEO consultant for free!

Okay, so I can’t give you exact advice for your website. But this newsletter is the closest thing you’ll get to me giving you insights – and for free.


The cleverer lot of you who are “on it” with their website will be able to read my newsletter and apply it to their own. 


(Psst – if you have someone else who handles this part of your website for you, share them the newsletter – or even encourage them to sign up themselves!)


This is what to expect:

  • Explanations that my 3 year old daughter understands
  • Detailed SEO case studies with actionable takeaways for your own site
  • Warning signs when to stop certain strategies and focus elsewhere
  • Strategies that Google and their worshippers don’t want you to know about (and I actually use with my clients)
  • Exclusive one-off services that I don’t even sell separately

To summarise, it’s honest advice from an SEO agency owner who would rather you steal my recommendations and work with another agency than sit in a land of confusion.


This ISN’T a newsletter that’s built to sell sell sell. It’s built to help give you a deeper understanding of SEO so you can get more sales and leads through your website. Where absolutely relevant, I’ll offer you a one-time service that will get you one step closer.


Like a content plan to help your writers get started.


Or access to my location page template that generated one client their first lead in 24 hours!


If you want an SEO Audit or even want to completely outsource your SEO, you know where to find me (and that’s not buried in a newsletter full of valuable content).


And if you ever find the email is too salesly, hit unsubscribe. It’s the quickest way to get the message to me.

“Hey Joshua, if you care so much about ending the confusion around SEO, why not just put it on your blog?”

I could. And then the whole internet, full of people who couldn’t care less, would have access to all this information that’s full of valuable information.


And you know what – publishing all this information on my blog would actually help my own SEO.


The more I talk about the things business owners are searching for about SEO, the more Google will trust me, and the higher they’ll rank me.


But I’m choosing not to for one simple reason:


It’s going to take me DECADES and £10,000s in backlinks to rank on page #1 for SEO agency.


And even if I did, the leads from that keyword are normally terrible.


So, I’d rather help business owners, like you, who actually care about their websites for free, through an email newsletter like this.


That’s the honesty you can expect in this newsletter:


An SEO agency owner admits an SEO strategy for his agency would cost too much, take too long, and instead chooses email as the better channel to get his message out.

This is not a 101 course in SEO

I’ve made this newsletter specifically for business owners with a website AND who want their website to generate loads of leads and sales through it.


If this is you, you probably know enough about SEO to read this newsletter. If you’re reading this now and have never logged into the backend of your website – or have never considered how people find your site, this is not for you.


You need a beginner’s course in SEO.


This newsletter will explain concepts, strategies, and terminology in plain, simple, English, but you need a basic understanding of SEO first.


WAIT – before you close this page and Google “seo course for beginners”, send this page to the person in your company that’s responsible for the website.

royal mail

Don’t have time to read another email? I’ll print it myself and ship it to you.

That’s how valuable I think this newsletter is. 


Every week, I’ll print out the newsletter on double-sided A4 paper, in colour, pop it in an envelope and ship it to you.


All I ask is for you to cover the cost, which is a small £4.99 per month. That’s cheaper than paying your admin assistant to print it and pop it on your desk.


I’m launching this by the end of the month. Send me your interest here and I’ll let you know as soon as subscriptions are open.


This is for UK addresses only. If you’re based outside the UK, select your country in the form above and I’ll see what I can do.

Rewards for the first 100 subscribers!

Remember the first sale you ever made? That euphoria taking over your tired body as you realise other people believe and trust in what you’re doing. That your idea works.


I want my first subscribers to remember me as much as I’ll remember them. That’s why I’ve gathered some very special rewards for the first 100 subscribers who want to be part of this.


First 10 subscribers – get 1 hour consultation (worth £250) absolutely free!


The next 40 subscribers – get 3 written personalised SEO recommendations from me sent to their inbox.


AND – every single one of my first 100 subscribers gets a 50% voucher to use for their first consultancy session.


So, not only am I making SEO easy to understand in my newsletter, you’re also receiving advice specifically for you and your site from me for absolutely nothing.


Now, I trust you as business professionals not to sign up just for the rewards and then unsubscribe without even reading my emails. And, I trust if you have no use for any of the rewards, you’ll eagerly tell me to pass it to the next subscriber.


And, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you shared this page with your business friends and partners who you think could really do with some SEO help.


With that all said and done…

Are you ready to join the SEO newsletter that…

  • Helps you understand SEO using plain, simple language?
  • Shares strategies and ideas that the agency is using in the field?
  • Feels like having your own consultant in your inbox?
  • Demands you unsubscribe if you get no value?


Then type your name and email below, prove you’re not a robot and press SUSBCRIBE!


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