Google’s preparing for AI launch

In recent weeks, there has been a significant shift in the landscape of Google Search, one that small to medium business owners must pay close attention to.

Last month, the percentage of Google searches not displaying Search Generated by AI (SGE) skyrocketed from 25% to an astonishing 65%. This notable increase occurred just as rumours hinted at a possible SGE launch during the upcoming Google I/O.

What’s Happening with Google SGE?

Mid-April marked a turning point when Google’s opt-in feature for AI-generated answers, known as SGE, began to show a reduction in its presence across search queries.

This data, captured by the enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge through its Generative Parser, points to a strategic pullback by Google.

But why should this matter to you, the entrepreneur striving to carve out your niche in the digital world?

The Impact on SEO and Your Business

For many SEO professionals and business owners, the potential shift of SGE from an optional feature to a default setting has been a source of anxiety.

The fear?

A drastic reduction in organic traffic, which many small businesses rely on.

The recent changes suggest that Google is taking a careful approach, testing various aspects to refine SGE for broader implementation. This cautious progression is crucial as it indicates that classic SEO will continue to be relevant.

However, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) suggests a pivotal shift on the horizon.

Observations on SGE’s Presence

Not only has the frequency of SGE in search queries decreased, but the space it occupies has also diminished.

Over the past month, SGE’s presence has reduced in size from about 1200 pixels to just under 1050 pixels.

This reduction highlights a scaling back in its visual dominance, possibly making room for more traditional search results.

Changes in Search Formats

Interestingly, while general SGE formats saw a decline, specific types like the Apparel Carousel have gained increased visibility. This indicates a targeted approach by Google, optimising AI features for particular sectors which could benefit from such enhancements.

Additionally, a new warning label stating “Generative AI is experimental” has started appearing across various industries and queries, signalling a move towards greater transparency by Google.

What Does This Mean for Your SEO Strategy?

Jim Yu, the founder and executive chair of BrightEdge, emphasises the importance of staying updated with these changes.

For businesses, adapting to these shifts is not just necessary; it’s crucial for survival in a competitive digital arena. As SEO continues to evolve with these technological advancements, understanding and leveraging AIO will become as crucial as traditional SEO strategies.

Staying Ahead: What Can You Do?

  1. Monitor Changes Regularly: Keeping an eye on how Google adjusts its search algorithms and formats will help you adapt your SEO strategy more effectively.
  2. Educate Yourself on AIO: As AI becomes more integrated into search, learning about Artificial Intelligence Optimization will equip you with the knowledge to stay ahead.
  3. Consult with Experts: Engaging with a reputable SEO agency that understands these shifts and can offer clear, jargon-free advice will be invaluable.
  4. Focus on Both Local and General SEO: For local business owners, enhancing your Local SEO strategies is crucial, while e-commerce businesses should ensure their general SEO tactics are robust.

The landscape of search is shifting, and with it, the strategies we’ve relied on to promote our businesses. Staying informed, adaptable, and proactive are your best tools in this changing environment.

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