My 8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a SEO Agency

Is your site not getting enough traffic? Torn between hiring in-house or outsourcing? Here’s exactly why you need to hire a SEO agency today.

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You’ve spent days meticulously crafting your company’s website.

You’ve studied your competition, carefully picked your colour scheme, and even spent hours of your time ensuring that your graphics are top-notch.

Yet, despite all this commitment and hard work, your website doesn’t seem to be pulling in the traffic and sales numbers you thought.

Before you throw in the towel – consider hiring a SEO agency

An SEO expert helps you build an effective SEO strategy, and they also guide you on how to efficiently implement it to ensure your business thrives in this digital age.  

Why Your Business Should Prioritise SEO

I can’t stress enough just how important SEO is for your business.

Imagine your website as a storefront.

No matter how well-decorated, stocked full of great products, or offering great services your business is, without customers walking by and stepping in, it’s all for naught.

People use search engines like Google to find businesses or services like yours every day. If your business isn’t showing up in search engine results, you’re simply invisible to these potential customers.

But let’s be clear, you’re not just after any traffic.

You’re after meaningful, high-quality traffic, people who are actively looking for what you have to offer.

When done properly, SEO can help your business attract those who are actively looking for your product or service. These are the folks more likely to convert and become loyal customers. 

Prioritising SEO isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a necessity.

You could attempt to tackle SEO on your own (I tackle this below). But the reality is, it can be quite complicated, with many different elements to consider. The last thing I want you to do is take the task upon yourself, burn out, and take your whole business down with you.

That’s what I’ve written this article – to show you the eight key benefits to working with an SEO agency.

Reason #1: Agencies combine expertise and experience

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The biggest objection we have to hiring an agency is:

“Can’t someone from my team handle the SEO?”

Yes, they could.


Do they have the same depth of knowledge, experience and specialist training required to keep up with ever-evolving search engine algorithms?

Can they decode the labyrinthine world of keyword research, competitor analysis, and content optimisation? 

Are they able to distinguish between a great backlink and one that will tank your website?

This is the #1 reason why businesses hire agencies – their entire team are specialists.

We’re not just talking about people who’ve read a few articles, or spent an hour watching some videos on YouTube. We mean seasoned professionals who have lived through Google Update after Google Update. Experts who have built websites from scratch and saved big dogs from collapsing after a silly in-house decision.

That’s what we bring to the table. 

We know which strategies will work, which ones lead to better conversion rates, and most importantly – what tactics to avoid. We’ve probably already solved many of the challenges that your business faces, saving you the stress and uncertainty. 

That’s a level of expertise that’s hard to emulate.

Reason #2: SEO agencies save you time

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You’re running a thriving business, charting growth plans, managing operational challenges while keeping an eye on the ever-changing market dynamics. 

And among all this, you’re also trying to do your own SEO – let alone any other marketing activity?

It’s too much.

Here’s what one SEO could be doing in any given day:

  • Keyword research
  • Writing landing page copy
  • Adding 301 redirects
  • Analysing a drop in impressions
  • Researching content for a blog post
  • Finding decent backlinks

An SEO agency takes that away from you. 

You carry on steering your business to success whilst the agency builds your digital visibility. By delegating your SEO requirements to an agency, you’re buying more than professional expertise – you’re buying time itself. 

And we get it – not everyone wants to spend their day working on SEO quite like we do. That’s why we’d rather take the reins whilst you do what you love best.

Reason #3: Agencies have access to the latest SEO tools

SEO software

New SEO tools and technologies pop up almost every day – some give you a major competitive advantage!

But, being on top of the latest techniques and tools in the SEO world can be time-consuming and confusing if you’re handling it yourself. You could miss out big style!

That’s where an SEO agency steps in. 

Any reputable agency invests in the best SEO tools. These tools help them stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional results to their clients. They provide essential data and insights that can help optimise your website’s SEO strategy, conduct competition analysis, track search engine rankings, identify and rectify website issues, and so much more. 

With these tools, we break down complex data in understandable chunks, providing you with actionable insights to improve your web presence. 

Hatch + Vox also experiments with technology.

Let’s be honest – some tools are a waste of money, others you can get the same data for free elsewhere.

But then, through our experiments, we find tools that make our processes faster and easier. And we pass that on with competitive pricing AND quicker results.

If you’ve got the finances, time, and energy to test these tools out, then be my guest.

But remember, SEO isn’t something you can do by solely relying on tools to tell you what to do. If that was the case, we’d all be sitting on page one. These tools need to be used by specialists who know the industry and out.

Otherwise, one misstep could end up harming your site’s visibility instead of boosting it.

Reason #4: Agencies provide an objective view

SEO expert offering support to a business owner

SEO agencies work with multiple websites across many industries every single day.

They know the SERPs inside out.

They know which competitor is smashing it and which is crumbling down. 

They’re on your side, but this level of exposure to what works offers you an objective view. 

We’ve all been there – too close to our own passions to see the flaws in it. We think our own products, websites, and even ideas are perfect. As an agency who’s been there and done that, it’s great to have someone on your side to point out what you’re missing. 

And not only that – but we also show you how to fix it.

At Hatch + Vox, we’ve documented processes that we’ve found we’re doing time and time again.

It means our internal team can follow a straight-forward to-do list to get most tasks done. With faster action, clients make progress quicker whilst keeping more time aside for more complex tasks (ones you can’t exactly document!).

Reason #5: Fixed costs every month

relaxed business owner

With a professional SEO agency, the costs are typically fixed to a monthly retainer. You agree to a certain package or level of service, and that’s the amount you budget for each month. No unexpected charges, no sudden cost spikes, just a set amount that you can plan for. It eliminates surprise outlays, helping you keep your marketing budget under control. 

Compare this to hiring SEO in-house or using freelancers.

With us, you can pay £1700 per month for an entire team to be working your business. Hiring 1x good SEO Executive costs more than that.

And don’t forget the cost of tools and other resources. 

One month, you might need to invest in a new tool or software upgrade. Another time, you might have to pay more for additional content or links to get ahead of the competition. It’s a constantly changing landscape that can result in unexpected outflows. 

By providing predictable costs, an SEO agency delivers not only a valuable service but also financial stability. You gain peace of mind knowing exactly what your monthly spend will be, allowing you to focus more of your energy on running your business while we sweat the SEO details on your behalf.

Reason #6: Agencies know how to stay ahead

Business owner leading his team in the office

SEO isn’t like a one-time advertisement on a billboard or a solitary print in the newspaper.

It’s ongoing, ever-evolving process.

Google, Bing, and other search engines continuously update their algorithms, and keeping up with these changes is a job in itself.

Where would you rather invest your time: keeping up with the world of SEO and its complexities, or focusing on what you do best – running your business? 

SEO agencies constantly monitor algorithm updates, industry developments, and trends to ensure your online presence not only remains but thrives. Remember: search optimisation is not a one-off investment but more a long-term strategy, and we’re here to ensure it’s stays in the right direction.

Also, we know what’s relevant to your business. For example, changes to how Shopping is showing on the SERPS means nothing to a businesses that doesn’t sell products.

Without this ongoing adjustment, your rankings will slipping and your traffic will disappear. You’ll be left asking, “Why’s my website not showing up on Google anymore?”

With an SEO agency, that’s something you don’t have to worry about. 

Reason #7: Agencies translate the SEO jargon for you

Keyword tracking dashboard in our SEO Analytics tool

You need to interpret mountains of data to understand your SEO.

At times, it can be overwhelming. What does this metric mean? Is it relevant to me? Does it matter if it’s below average or is it a false negative?

SEO agencies remove this confusion for you. With straight-forward reporting that deciphers what’s going on, you only see the data that’s important to you.

At Hatch + Vox, we send a video talking through your PDF reports every month.

In that video, we only talk about actions and metrics that matter most to you – like sales, leads, rankings, and any issues we’re facing. You also get access to your own dashboard if you want to dig deeper and get to grips with all the data.

But our job is to filter the report so your time isn’t wasted listening to metrics that don’t affect your day-to-day.

That’s our job.

Reason #8: Scale your SEO with a single email

product launch

SEO agencies help you scale easily and quickly when you’re ready.

Say your first 6 months with Hatch + Vox goes really well, so much so, you need to open a new warehouse.

You now really want to push SEO further.

Or you want to take on a new market or launch a new product.

With a simple e-mail to us, you can upgrade your package. 

No need to figure out which staff members to hire, which tools to increase, and how much more to spend to get better results. Just a simple click of a button and your boosting your SEO efforts.

Our monthly catch-ups are the perfect opportunity to keep us both in the loop. Whether it’s one month away or two years, we can make sure everything is in place to expand.

P.S. We’re proactive in spotting new business opportunities in our keyword research. One client added 29+ different sizes to their product range after showing them how many people were searching for them each month.

Start your SEO with the right agency

Are you ready to partner with an SEO agency focused on growing your business?

Working with Hatch + Vox is super easy.

In the first month, you get the Ultimate SEO Audit (with extras) included in your retainer.

By the end, we’ll have a clear picture of what needs to be done to get you more traffic and sales.

You approve the strategy and then rest is down to us.

Want to learn the winning SEO strategies this agency uses?

Join to receive 1x strategy each Thursday.

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    1. Pretty much. For many of our clients we handle everything (unless developers are needed, then that’s down to use, but we help with briefing).

      But, we do work with businesses who already have a content team – we brief them and optimise before publishing.

      So, it depends on what resources you currently have and how much involvement you want. If you want an agency to handle everything, then they’ll be happy to.

  1. I’m not quite convinced. Hasn’t anyone thought about the costs? SEO agencies might save time, but what’s the ROI on this? Not everyone has the budget of big companies.

    1. ROI depends on the strategy. A good agency can tailor their services to your budget and goals.

  2. This article does provide a broad perspective, but I’m curious about the specific outcomes businesses have seen after prioritising SEO.

  3. Brilliant to see the value of bringing in professionals. It’s a whole world of complexity with SEO, and having someone to handle it seems like a weight off. Really appreciate the insights, Joshua Allerton.

  4. Not every agency can truly translate jargon or stay ahead. Met a few who talked big, delivered small.

  5. hey, so does every seo agency give u the latest tools or it’s just a few of them? gotta know b4 i commit, cheers

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