Local SEO Pricing: How much does it cost in the UK?

Considering local SEO but not sure how much to invest? We cover the different factors to give you a clear picture on how much you should spend.

local seo services cost

A local SEO package for entry-level businesses or smaller companies, starts at an average price of £750 per month. You’ll find at least 60% of agencies will charge £1000+ per month.

For businesses with multiple locations, in competitive industries, or more aggressive goals, they can expect to pay £3000+ per month for their Local SEO. 

Businesses with 70-80 locations pay around £6500 per month.

National corporations with 100+ branches can pay up to £12,500 per month!

But in general, most Local SEO packages will be under £2,000 per month.

It’s not common for Local SEO to be included in enterprise or traditional SEO retainers if the business serves on a national, continental, or even international level.

What affects the cost of Local SEO services?

Don’t be put off by the broad average cost of Local SEO services. Most businesses with one location or serve a city/region are towards the £750 per month mark. 

There are 5 main reasons why you’ll need to invest more in your local SEO. Use these factors to help determine your minimum investment, act as a benchmark when talking to agencies, and as a sounding board when you get quoted higher or lower.

Your Current Local SEO Performance

It’s rare for local businesses to reach out for Local SEO when they’re getting enough leads from Google each day. Either they’ve experienced a recent drop, they want to get started, or they want to get more and more.

Your starting position will affect the total investment. At Hatch + Vox, we complete a full audit in the first month to get a better understanding of what we’re working with. With us, your package is based on how fast you want to progress, rather than a “more work = more money” approach.

How Many Locations You Have

The number of locations your business operates in considerably impacts local SEO services pricing. For example, optimising for 10-20 locations can cost around £1500 per month, whereas managing SEO for over 100 locations might require you to shell out £12,500 per month.

We always take advantage of economies of scale and pass that on, but we can’t hide that more locations = more work. More citations to build, more links to obtain, more content to create. But, wherever we can do more done cheaper – we make sure that’s reflected in our pricing too.

How Many Products and Services You Sell

The range and quantity of your products or services significantly dictate your SEO investment. Each product or service warrants its own set of keywords and strategy. Whilst some keywords and industries overlap, it make sense to not spread our efforts to thin across so many products and services at once.

That’s why we always recommended focusing on one product or service at a time, or upping your budget to reflect those needs.

Where You Sell Your Products or Services

If your target audience is based in highly competitive markets or large cities, investment might surge as you need more resources to get to #1. Think major cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool. Smaller cities may have less volume, but dominating them add up overtime.

In many cases, we’ve found the investment spent on smaller cities ends up with more results than a business going for the bigger cities. Even more, those who dominated the smaller cities found it easier to rank for the bigger ones too.

Just like with the amount of products or services sold, it can be best to focus on one area at a time and then expand once successful.

How Competitive Your Industry Is

Finally, local SEO cost per month hinges on the competitiveness of the industry. If you’re in an industry where everyone is already doing SEO, sprinting past competitors in search rankings is challenging. You need more resources – like link building and blog posts – to beat your competitors and get more results.

We’ve often found higher investment due to competition is worth it. However, we invite all clients to use our ROI calculator to make sure the cost per lead is worth it compared to other channels.

Pricing Models for Local SEO Services

seo consultant talking to client over video call

When you reach out to SEO agencies, you’ll find different ways of pricing this service. Here are the three popular models you’ll find.

Hourly Consultation

This is perfect for businesses who have an in-house marketing team and need an external specialist to answer a few questions. Typically, UK SEO experts charge between £150 – £300 per hour. Some may also offer packages that can be spread across multiple months, making it a better deal without committing to a monthly fee.

Hatch + Vox rarely engages with hourly consultation to Local SEO due to ROI on the investment. Instead of paying £250 per hour, you may as well pay £775/month and have everything handled for you.

We’ve also found most local business owners handle marketing themselves and it’s better for them to offload the work to us rather than teach them every detail.

Monthly Retainer

Monthly retainers are great for businesses who want an affordable and continual service. Agencies normally take all the aspects of running an SEO campaign and bundle it into one monthly cost. Instead of paying for strategy, on-page optimisation, link building, and content production separately, you get it for one monthly fee.

This done-for-you approach saves the business owner time whilst generating more leads and sales. They know exactly how much they’ll spend each month and what they should be getting in return.

Project-Based Pricing

For well-defined, one-off tasks, project-based pricing wins. Think citation building, blog creation, or even a SEO audit. The focus is on the deliverable, rather than the results it’ll create.

Normally, this is used by businesses who have created a strategy themselves and need help executing part of it. Tasks like citation building may cost the business more per hour for their own employee than it would to outsource – so they hire an agency to complete that task cheaper.

This approach is great as a trial run with an agency before committing long-term with them.

What’s the ROI from Local SEO?

Business owner receiving telephone calls after successful local SEO campaign

According to research, the average local SEO campaign achieves 500% ROI after three years. 

Industries such as Biotech, Construction, and Financial Services record particularly high ROI, from 317% to an attention-grabbing 1,000%. 

This statistic alone shows how worthwhile local SEO is for any business. 

Businesses may expect to breakeven between 6-12 months. However, the factors discussed above may cause delays – or even help you see quicker results. 

Remember: there are no guarantees in SEO. No one can guarantee a #1 spot. They can’t guarantee an increase in sales or leads. We don’t control the algorithms.

But using proven methods, we can get you as close as possible. 

How much should I budget for Local SEO?

seo budget calculator

It’s hard to comment on your specific business, but here are a few examples to help you compare.

A florist in Wolverhampton with a brick-and-mortar store and delivery across the city = £775/month (Local Starter package).

Landscaper in Birmingham, but also serves Worcestershire and Warwickshire = £995/month (Local Booster)

Car rental service serving across multiple regions in the country = £1395/month (Local Superstar)

These aren’t exacts and your situation may be different. If you’re comfortable investing ~£1000 per month, you should reach out to us and other agencies for a chat. We’ll be able to guide you towards the right package or create an offer that works best for your business.

If you have under £775/month, you may find freelancers with less experience for around £500/month. However, you’re entering dangerous territory there. Whilst there are some excellent SEO experts in that price range, you’re more likely to suffer in the long run from either:

  • Poor results
  • Poor service
  • Poor work (which costs more to fix)

Of course, you’ll find this at any investment level, so please do your due diligence.

And, if you’re paying £2000+ per month and don’t know why, ask your agency. If there’s no reasonable answer they can provide without evidence – like tougher competition or faster output – consider your options. Especially if they’re not getting you results.

Get free advice from an SEO expert

We’re on a mission to make SEO easy to understand for everyone.

So, if there’s anything above that’s confusing or you have a question, we’re here to help.

There’s two ways to get your questions answered:

No matter the question, we’ll answer honestly. Even if that’s recommending you to a competitor or telling you to hold off SEO for a more-suited channel.

13 comments on “Local SEO Pricing: How much does it cost in the UK?”

  1. Joshua, thanks for shedding light on local SEO. It’s a game-changer for small businesses in crowded markets. People underestimate the need for digital visibility, even at the local level. It’s not just about opening shop; it’s about leading people there.

  2. I’ve got a cake shop, and I’m all over the place, like selling in markets and stuff. Does local SEO help people find me even if I move a lot? How does that work, sorry if it’s a silly question, just trying to get my head around it.

    1. If your cake shop is brick-and-mortar, local SEO will help. If you offer delivery to a certain area too, that’ll work as well.

      But, if you only trade at markets and online only, local SEO may not be the best approach for you. You’d be better using eCommerce SEO to sell more through your website and then social media to promote your markets.

  3. lol, I think local SEO aint worth it, just use social media, its free and better. why bother paying?

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