We believe great websites should be easy-to-use.  

For both business owners and their customers.  
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That’s why we started Hatch + Vox. 

When you’re just starting out, you don’t have £10,000+ to create awesome websites. Nor can you afford a full-time developer to do everything for you. So, you’re stuck with page-builders that are clunky and take a while to learn.

But, you haven’t got time. When we were running our vegan sweet shop, we were too busy packing orders and serving customers to do a magic dance every time we wanted to update stock online. It needed to be simple. 

We’re experienced in building and managing websites, so we found a system that worked for us. But we know that for less tech-minded business owners, this isn’t the case. When we shut our shop, we decided to help those who need a easy-to-use website, but don’t know how or have the time. 

Our aim is for you to never contact us again about your website. And we mean that. We want your website to be so simple to use that you shouldn’t have us to remind you how to use it. In case you do, we provide PDF and video guides that explain all. 

(Of course, if you have hosting, SEO, and social media with us, it’s a different story). 

But the principle remains the same: your work isn’t blocked by difficult tech.

  A little about the people behind the screens

Hannah Dodwell - Website Designer and Developer 

Hannah trained to be a primary teacher at university, but decided it wasn’t for her. Working her way up in the hospitality world, she spent several years as a Restaurant Manager. During the pandemic, she started the vegan sweet shop with Josh where she expanded her web design and development skills.

Joshua Allerton - SEO Specialist and Content Writing 

Josh built his first HTML website when he was 12 years old. Accidentally falling into writing at 18, he built a freelance career around content marketing. After the vegan sweet shop, he combined these passions into SEO.

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