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We want SEO to be exciting for all partners. And we’ll do this through on the ball communication.
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We end the lies in the SEO world by explaining everything in a way that even your mum gets.

“Google only cares about helpful content!”

“Buying backlinks will destroy your business!”

“AI will end SEO!”

Big names in the SEO industry shout these from the top of their roofs with a megaphone for the entire world to hear.

This isn’t only bad for us as SEOs.

It’s bad for your business too.

If the SEO agency you hire worships Google like it’s the second coming of Christ, you’re going to get mediocre results at best.

Because SEO isn’t just about you vs your competitors.

It’s you vs your competitors vs Google.

Google is a business and doesn’t care about you. If they have cut you through an algorithm update to help their best buddies, they will. It isn’t personal.

That’s why wee must be constantly trying to defeat them like a Grandmaster in chess.

And just like in chess, it’s as much mind games as it is what’s on the board.

That’s why Hatch + Vox is on this mission to end all the lies. To call out the misinformation and show the reality of SEO. It’s not pretty, but if we live in a delusional state of perfect search, no one is going to win.

Here’s how we do it.

We don’t hide a thing.

Before starting Hatch + Vox, we thought communication was an obvious must-have in any business. Why wouldn’t you be proactive and keep everyone up to date with your SEO work?!

But, time and time again, we’ve heard these horror stories about experts selling really well and then disappearing in the first month. Or even worse, delivering very little.

What seemed obvious to us seemed irrelevant to our competitors.

And sure, we could sit here and talk until our face turns blue about how we deliver amazing SEO results for our clients. But, no one talks about how they handle the journey to getting there.

Self proclaimed “white-hat” agencies spend their marketing budget on shunning tactics they deem black or grey hat. Yet, when we’ve inherited clients from this agencies, we’ve found they’ve engaged in the exact same behaviour. 

And the client had no idea.

That’s why we started Hatch + Vox. To show the industry (and the rest of the business world) how to communicate whilst delivering amazing results.

We hide nothing. We show you everything we’re doing and why we’re doing it. If you’re not comfortable with it, we discuss alternatives. It’s how any business partnership should be.

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SEO Experiments

Never ending experiments

We run a private, internal testing lab just for SEO. It’s a group of websites that we build with the sole purpose of finding answers. Like, how many backlinks do you need to rank? Or, can Google really determine what is AI and not?

For clients, this means our strategies are tested and tried. Whilst we can’t guarantee results, we’re certain our methods have worked elsewhere.

What we sell

Strategy and management of your search engine optimisation without failing to keep you in the loop.

We get you to page #1 of Google and the rest so you get more leads and conversions through your website.

We create leads and sales through search engines.

We don’t know one person who doesn’t use a search engine. Okay, maybe Josh’s Nan, but his Grandad certainly does! Even as Gen Z and younger move away from Google, they’re still using TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest to search for answers.

And it’s our job to make sure you and your website are the first thing they see when they go looking for your product or service. At every step of their journey.

It’s our job to make sure you’re visible and relevant to the right people at the right time.

This isn’t some voodoo magic like your previous agency got you to believe. It all boils down to making sure:

  1. Bots can read and understand your website and content
  2. Users find your content helpful and useful
  3. Other people are shouting and sharing your content

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The People Behind Hatch + Vox

We started Hatch + Vox in 2023. 

Many moons before, we both ran a vegan sweet shop. Throughout our entire business journey, they’ve found vendors failing to communicate basic issues.

Ever since, we’ve found ourselves saying this time and time again:

“You’ll always have a problem – that’s life. 99.9% of the time, the problem isn’t the issue. It’s how it’s communicated (or not, in many cases). Once I know a problem exists, I can find a solution. That’s what matters more.”

With Joshua’s ex-employer merged with another agency, we decided then was the best time to launch Hatch + Vox.

Joshua Allerton

Joshua Allerton coded his first HTML website when he was 12 years old. Accidentally falling into writing at 18, he built a freelance career around content marketing. After running a vegan sweet shop, Josh combined these passions into SEO.

Josh spent over 2 years agency-side. For one client, his content strategy increased revenue by 147% in 12 months. Now he leads on the strategy for all Hatch + Vox clients, starting with the Ultimate Audit.

Email: josh@hatchandvox.com

Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Hannah Dodwell

Hannah Dodwell

Hannah Dodwell spent several years in the hospitality world, working her way up to Restaurant Manager. During the pandemic, she started the vegan sweet shop with Josh where she expanded her SEO and web development skills. 

Hannah now leads on Web Development for Hatch + Vox and supports Josh with SEO work.

Email: hannah@hatchandvox.com

Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Can you help Hatch + Vox?

We’re currently developing a freelancer network to help deliver our services as we expand.

Get in touch if you’re a:

  • Content Writer
  • WordPress Developer
  • SEO Account Manager
  • Digital PR Specialist

As we expand, we plan to offer fully remote work on a freelance basis.

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